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Rescued Doesn’t Mean Broken

Meet Our Animals

Current Fosters

Yams and Marshmallow are long term fosters who came from East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue. They will spend their days at Rocky Top Rescue until the perfect home comes along. All interested adopters can complete an adoption application (linked below).

'Interested in adopting Yams and Marshmallow? Complete an application through East Tennessee Miniature Horse & Donkey Rescue. East Tennessee Miniature Horse & Donkey Rescue Adoption Application

East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue got a call on Thanksgiving day 6 years ago, when Yams's and Marshmallow's owners decided they didn't want them anymore. The Rescue’s brilliant director knew they would be a perfect fit for us as a long-term foster home, so they were given new names and a fresh chance to be loved. Yams is a mini horse, in her early 20s. She is a diva who loves to have her mane and forelocks brushed. Whatever makes you happy and relaxes you, we're here for it, Yams.

Marshmallow is a 13 year-old mini mule (half mini horse and half mini donkey). He is Yam’s son, and they are a bonded pair who will remain together for life. Marshmallow is also Yams’ eyes, as she is blind and he is her fierce protector. They are staying with us at Rocky Top Rescue as long-term fosters where they are loved, cared for, and spoiled. They are still looking for their forever home, a place where their unique and special personalities and gifts are appreciated. Please reach out if you're interested in adopting this special pair.


Bonnie & Clyde (8yo) were dumped in a box with their littermates in a parking lot, and rescued by the local police department where Jeff worked. Every puppy in the litter was adopted to officers and employees of the police department into loving forever homes.

Molly (1yo) was surrendered from a loving home who wanted more for her than their backyard. Her partner Doc (6mo), came to us as a gift from a friend, to serve as a companion and working partner to Molly. They are both Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mixes that are very gentle with all the animals at RTR and enjoy keeping watch over them all.

Peanut (8yo) showed up 8 years ago at Heather’s workplace. She was wearing a cat collar and was not microchipped. Heather took her home with the intention of fostering her until she could be placed in a forever home, but she has been a part of the RTR family ever since.


Fiona (Approx. 15yo) was found abandoned on the side of a road where she had been dumped by someone in horrible condition. A local rescue organization came to her aid and began her long rehabilitation process. Shortly after she had been brought in by that rescue organization, Jeff & Heather adopted Fiona and have taken over her healing journey since. Fiona is blind in her left eye, suffers from EPM and arthritis. As one of RTR's first rescued horses, she is one of the reasons Rocky Top Rescue exists, and because of her, many lives have been saved and given a chance at loving, forever care and safety.

Mr. Goodbar came to Rocky Top Rescue less than a year ago as a senior miniature donkey in his mid-twenties. His elderly owner could no longer care for him, and he was surrendered to East Tennessee MIniature Horse & Donkey Rescue. Unfortunately, he was neglected with poor nutrition and care, so he will spend the next couple of years recovering and being rehabilitated. His progress so far is coming along great! He is a unique donkey because he has only lived with and bonded with horses, unlike most donkeys who bond with other donkeys. He was a perfect fit as a companion for Lil Bit, a miniature horse who calls Rocky Top Rescue home. We adopted Mr. Goodbar, commonly referred to as Mr. G, and he will live out his years here at Rocky Top Rescue as one of our rescue ambASSadors.

Lil Bit (9yo) was rescued by Jeff and Heather after spending his early life being passed from home to home and then landing in a petting zoo, where he was forced to allow kids far too big to ride him. He has been on a rehabilitation plan since arriving at RTR and has made huge improvements in his health, ability to trust and overall happiness. Like many miniature horses, he has a huge personality in a small package!

Feral Cats

Annie & Oakley were stray feral kitten littermates rescued by a wonderful person who was looking for a good barn setting for them to live in. Rocky Top Rescue welcomed them when they were about a year old and they've been thriving ever since. They prefer to stay wild but have a cozy home inside a workshop that they like to sneak into at night to keep safe and warm. While we have offered to allow them to live in the barn where the other cats live, they have chosen their home in the workshop and that's where they get to stay.

Daisy, Milo, and Nala were rescued after RTR was contacted about a hoarding case involving a handful of kittens and cats in need of care, veterinary attention, spaying and neutering, and homes. RTR welcomed 4 very young and sick kittens and helped find homes for 2 more. Over the course of 2 months they were rehabilitated, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered; although one of the kittens did not survive, the remaining 3 are doing well and have a healthy future ahead. These lucky kittens call the RTR equine barn their home, where they will live out their lives knowing freedom, safety, and love.